Live Reviews

November, 2015

Alan Gerber in Fairview, AB
Alan Gerber in Fairview, AB I would like to thank everyone at Home Routes for making this possible. You are the best thing that has happened for Canadian music in a long time!

Here’s what they said about Alan Gerber in Fairview:
from a season’s pass holder who has been attending since we started with HR – “this was the best Home Routes show yet!”
     from a regular attendee and folk fest junkie- “this was the best live show I’ve ever seen!”
     others said: “I love these Home Routes shows. they just keep getting better”; “wow! what energy!  Alan is hypnotic”; “I can’t decide if I like his music or his stories best.” 

A week later, folks are still talking about the night Alan Gerber blew the doors off at Miramichi House, in Fairview, Ab.  Thanks for giving us heart and soul. 
Diana Strid…..Fairview, AB Home Routes host

October 2015

Alan In JasperAlan In Jasper

Alan rocked our home last night with an intense energy that far surpassed any expectations we had as we took our seats in preparation for the show. Smiles wereplastered onto our faces from the first song onward! Our toes continued tapping and jubilant hoots rose up from the crowd! Our spirits remain lifted today. Alan reminds me of the “why” we are involved with Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous. This is good medicine for our collective Jasper souls. We LOVED every minute! 

Thank you Alan.xo
– Nancy Addison

House Concert @ The Faust's 1House Concert @ The Fausak’s
“We had a memorable evening with Alan Gerber-very fortunate to have this amazing talent in our home!!”   

-Wendy Fausak , Evansburg, AB


Alan in EdmontonEdmonton, Alberta

“The irresistible music of Alan Gerber won the hearts of a full house. What a rare and wonderful evening. We look forward to welcoming him back to Edmonton soon.”

-Linda Hall
Edmonton Home Routes Host

Little River, Nova Scotia

Alan Gerber

“Even when Alan Gerber performs solo, which is usually the case, he comes across as a one-man band. In attempting to describe his energetic and soulful performances, adjectives such as charming, quirky, riveting, exhilarating, eclectic, and humorous come to mind. He invariably grabs an audience’s attention and doesn’t loosen the grip until he has played the last note of the show.”

– Paul-Emile Comeau
Artistic Director, Little River, Nova Scotia

September 2015
Live At Whalen’s Barn In Mirimachi, NB

FullSizeRender“The synergy of Alan Gerber is a complex concoction difficult to explain.  Without question Alan is greater than the sum of his parts, and when combined and on display for a mesmerized and awestruck audience, you can fully understand Alan Gerber in the  flesh!

Alan is a seasoned pro, a master-class of how to take years of honing your craft and a million plus miles of live performances to reach this level.

Within the first 30 seconds of a live Alan Gerber show the audience is hooked, completely!.  As a songwriter, storyteller, musician, performer and personality, it is a marvel of engineering, the perfect storm.  Alan has produced an impressive catalog of musical gems which I encourage you to acquire but I beg you to experience a live performance….then you will know the synergy of Alan Gerber!”

-Terry Whalen, Artistic Director

April, 2014

Northwest (Territories) Is The Best

With the McKenzie River delta and the far-off Richardson mountains as his backdrop, Alan Gerber delivered an evening of musical delights to the house concert guests in Inuvik. Hands clapping, toes tapping,  smiles broadening – the fun of boogie-woogie, the soul of rock n’roll and the sentiment of sweet lyrics were enjoyed that evening. And Alan became one of us as he invited us to sing along (which of course we did enthusiastically),  laughed and cajoled with us at the break and jammed with local musicians Louie Goose and James Rogers after the show.

In thinking of the evening it seems pretty simple – pure pleasure. Not only the wonderful music, but the warm personality of Alan Gerber created an evening which will be remembered.

-Miki O’Kane and Heather Wheating

Inuvik, Northwest Territories,  April 2014


April 14th, 2014 

Alan Overwhelms Old Crow       

“In the small humble fly-in community of Old Crow Yukon we experienced a rarity on the evening of April 14th. We were reminded of the great celestial cycles we belong to through a Lunar eclipse as a copper moon hung powerfully in the sky. If this were not special enough the energy was exponentially compounded as Alan Gerber’s performance in our little community reminded us of the greater rhythms of life that we belong to. These two rarities came together promising an event to remember which none will forget any time soon. Alan’s performance and energy was like a great current pulling you into a deeper body of blues under marbled skies of funk. Words drop dead across blank pages trying to capture just what happened that evening 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in the last expanses of the Yukon Territory.

Alan flung his body from behind the piano, down aisles, and even up on chairs, as if the god of rock himself had had Alan’s appendages on strings as his marionette. From electric slide to fiddle Alan seamlessly crafted his art, taking our evening and shaping it into a mind altering piece, before blowing it up completely leaving the crowd wondering what kind of force of nature had we just experienced? Elders clapping to kids singing, we gorged from the coffers of musical genius and enjoyed a feast of a performance presented, not even realizing we were starving until Alan showed us.

These events don’t come often, but when they do they can change your point of view, and they have the potential to remind you, “Hey you… we are alive!”

Mahsi-cho Alan for channeling the great energies of music and performance, for shaking things up, demolishing walls, and for showing us the landscapes of rhythym that lie in our souls as we traverse the northern sceneries we are accustomed to.”

-Dana Tizya-Tramm
Home Routes Host in Old Crow, Yukon, CANADA


 Alan Delivers In Dawson City

“Simply superb, We’ll do whatever it takes to get him back. The house concert was riveting, Alan’s eyes, lyrics and smiles connected with the audience like no other.”

-Peter Menzies
Home Routes Host in Dawson City, Northern Yukon, CANADA



Hold The Mayo!

“The guy stood on a chair playing his “little guitar” and made all our quiet hearts smile with delight”

-Esther Winter
Home Routes Host in Mayo, Northern Yukon, CANADA



Alan Delights At JV Clark School Workshop

 “A dynamic and captivating performance, appropriate for all ages!”

-Silke Wissnner
Principal, J.V. Clark School, Mayo, Northern Yukon, CANADA



 Alan at Bear Creek Logging

“Alan Gerber was high energy, very entertaining. He sure knows how to belt out a tune!”

Home Routes Host in Haines, British Columbia, CANADA



Alan’s Musical Journey

“If you have never been on a musical journey, you must hear Alan. His music will take you all kinds of places. Alan is a must see and hear at some point in your life.”

Home Routes Host in Lake Labarge, Whitehorse, British Columbia, CANADA



Alan Opens His Soul

“With high energy, diversity and poetic lyrics he captured the audience, brought them along right into his soul.”

Home Routes Host in Marsh Lake, British Columbia, CANADA



Alan Knocks The Socks Off Atlin

“Hey, where are my socks!?

Oh ya, they were knocked off at the Alan Gerber show last night!

From the moment of his sound-check to the final encore Alan Gerber captivates his audience with his humor his energy and his huge talent.

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to be going to see Alan Gerber perform, remember to bring an extra pair of socks!”

-Athea Boucher
Home Routes Host in Atlin, British Columbia, CANADA



Alan Rocks Whitehorse in the Yukon

“Alan rocked the house, we were stomping our feet and singing as Alan moved from piano to guitar to football held fiddle. And to his classic ’69 Stratocaster electric guitar. it felt like our Yukon home had turned into a mountainside Chicago blues hall.”

Home Routes Host in Whitehorse, British Columbia, CANADA