June 2015 News


Greetings Everyone!
This has been an exciting beginning of spring with no snow, the garden planted and the mosquitos and black flies in fine form. My daughter, Hannah, son, Eli and I just came back from a weekend tour of Abitibi. We played in Ville Marie at “Chez Eugene” and Val d’Or at “Le Balthazar”. Both shows were tons of fun, we loved it, they loved it and the long van rides (1300KM) were filled with listening to music, snacking , laughing and snoozing. On the ride between Ville Marie and Val d’Or a moose crossed the road so close to our van that we had moose juice on the windshield…..REALLY! When we were coming home from Val d’Or a large black bear was at the side of the highway looking like it was about to mosey across to the other side but, luckily, it didn’t.      We certainly had some exciting wildlife experiences!
On June 21 we will play our traditional Father’s Day concert at Al Rankin’s Gallery in  Inverary, On, just north of Kingston. Finally, the last week of June, Hannah and I will be on tour in Manitoba  : June 26 in Thompson, MB, June 27 in Flin Flon, MB, June 28 in Snow Lake, MB and June 30 in The Pas, MB. We hope to see you there!

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