New Release: “Money Can’t Save You”

Alan Gerber Money Can’t Save You (Official Lyric Video)
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Last spring I was in Toronto for a wedding, had a night off and went for Chinese food with my old friend Michael Fonfara. As we were talking we got the idea to do a project with a few members of our old group, Rhinoceros. As it worked out we did two of my songs, “Money Can’t Save You” with Michael, Danny Weis, John Finley and “Business As Usual” with Michael and Danny. Terry Martell was on drums, Joe Agnello played bass. We recorded at John Pickering’s studio, Rhythm Ranch, engineered by Todd Page. I went to Tallahassee, Florida to mix with Calvin Jones at Calzone studio where we added Kaylen Mercer on saxophones.    

After all these years we were happy to hang out in the studio for a few days and have fun playing music together. Here’s the first single, “Money Can’t Save You”. Check it out!