Movin’ In

by A. Gerber

You know I love you, baby
I know you love me too
I’ve been thinking it over
And there’s just one thing to do

I’m movin’ in
Yeah yeah yeah I’m movin’ in
I need you night and day, couldn’t be no other way
I’m movin’ in

You said it yourself, honey
You’re tired of living alone
It takes a woman and a man
To make a house into a home

And that’s why,
That’s why I’m movin’ in
I need somebody too, couldn’t be no one but you
I’m movin’ in

We’re not easy on each other
We can really fuss and fight
But there’s nothing I would rather do
Than make up with you all night

That’s why, that’s why I’m movin’ in
I love you when you’re mad
You love it when I’m bad
I’m movin’ in

We were made to love each other
We’ll be doing it ’till we die
I know nothing lasts forever
But I’ll be damed if I won’t try

That’s why, that’s why I’m movin’ in
With all the love we got
We just have to take this shot
I’m movin’ in

I’m movin’ in, I’m movin’ in
Look out baby, here I come