September Update

FullSizeRender      We just came back from the American West Coast where I was visiting family while my wife, Robin, was giving a ceramics workshop with my brother-in-law. While they were rocking the ceramic world I wrote songs with my sister, Barbara, who, in my opinion, is an inspired poet. We have co-written, in the past, “Hope In 3/4 Time”, “Water Under Wind”, “Dog Dog” and “Valentine To R”.Our latest song, “Busted”, is sort of rap/rock about personal, moral, ethical and financial bankruptcy. Although it is not my situation at the moment, I have seen this shadow.
    Now I am back in Val David preparing to leave for a tour of the Maritimes, where music is an ongoing celebration. From Celtic inspired fiddling to terrific singers in every genre, the Maritimes is a musical wonderland and I’m thrilled to be part of its’ tapestry.
   Last week Hannah, Eli and I played a private party celebrating the birthday of our good friend, Owen.

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