Songes D’ete


This Saturday, May 9, I will be playing a fundraiser for a small local festival, “Songes D’ete”. This festival showcases artists, local for the most part, painters, sculptors, potters, musicians and dancers. We are fortunate to have so many high quality artists in Val David. As an artist, having other like-minded people to relate to is inspirational. With so many installations, exhibitions, concerts and other projects, creative energy is everywhere. In municipal politics, the schools, even the grocery store cultural references are constant. We have festivals highlighting pottery, art installations in the forest, storytelling, characterists, printmakers and probably a few more that I’m forgetting.
I will be appearing with my band on July 31 and I hope to see you there!


Festival de danse, de musique de peinture et de sculpture à Val-David, Laurentides.
Dance, music, painting and sculpture fesival in Val-David, Laurentians

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