We have won!


Hello everyone,
It has been the coldest average temperature EVER recorded here in the Laurentian Mountains. It’s been perfect for keeping to the nest and writing songs, all on the piano because the piano is in the warmest room of this old, drafty country house. Of course, you can’t just stay in all winter, the forest is beautiful and the cold air is invigorating. We went on a torch-lit night time snowshoe climb up the mountain, the snow laden trees beautiful in the moonlight, past a frozen waterfall to have hot chocolate around a blazing bonfire with community and friends. Of course we chose to come down another path, unlit and somewhat perilous, with our adventurous buddies. You gotta go for it! By the time we got home all exposed hair was covered with frost and after a nightcap of single malt Jamison we were ready to call it a day.


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