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Wesley Alan JagoeNovember 4 at 11:36am ·
Hello gang:
A friend asked me about Alan Gerber’s last house concert recently and I thought I owed it to Alan to post the essence of that evening.

I do host and promote the odd gig, we’re privileged to grab these cats coming through NB, a chance to not only hear and see but to hang out as well after the shows, a meet and greet.

I met Alan at a festival and he’s been a mentor since…keeping me grounded and a realist as well, I am greatfull for his wisdom etc….did I mention I get to jam with him, he’s got quite a pedigree.
A quick review of his last performance:
Alan put everything that he humanly could into the roller coaster that he strapped us is into, a wonderful bluesy voice and yet he can turned on a dime, a ballad, folk songs, story told, just a dynamic dynamo!

He’s a multi instrumentalist: Piano, guitars, violin and button accordion. A seasoned veteran, he gave a lesson on stage performance, he looked into everyones soul like only Alan can, he was warm and responsive to endless requests, thanks for playing all those requests as well, first timers made a new friend and walked away with Alan’s music (he has many albums)
Cheers to another memorable event,


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