Get High

© 2005 A.Gerber/R.Kempf

I need to get high
Higher than the walls I’m behind
Somehow satisfy my mind
Make this short life worth while
Make the best of my time

I need to get high
Higher than I was before
Livin’ on the basement floor
Livin’ for the moment that’s all
Always puttin’ on a good show, yeah you know
Tonight I need to get high

Higher than the situation
Higher than the cost
Higher than your evaluation
Of what I’ve won or lost

I need to get above
Over all the heartache and pain
Over things I’d never ever do again
Need to get above
Then maybe we will see what we never saw before
We’ll be rich where we once were poor

We will see the colours
Where once was black and white
Where once the shadows swirled
And you were all alone
With the mystery of the world

I need to get gone
No need to be the only one
In the shadow of a solitary sun
I need to get gone, gone, gone
I need to get high, yeah high
My, my, my I really do know why I need to get high
I used to crawl but now it’s my time to fly
Oooooh so high…yeah so high