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  1. Alan Gerber in Anglemont on te%

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  2. CD Launch

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    New CDFor the past year I’ve been recording my new CD, “Somewhere In Between”. It’s finally done and available on my website, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, etc. What a joy it’s been to work with such a talented group of musicians, technicians, writing partners, friends and family. We all enjoyed the process and are extremely proud of the results. I hope you enjoy it as well and look forward to your feedback. Here’s a taste of the new CD, the first song, Four Riders, video to be released soon.

    Four Riders
    by A.Gerber/P. Wiggins

    There’s a storm
    A storm upon us
    A storm upon us that mourns
    a world in pain

    The sky is torn
    by burning embers
    And the earth is muddy
    with the ash and rain

    Payback’s a bitch
    We’ve got a date
    Four Riders
    They’re not gonna wait

    The moon above whips the tides below
    And here I am watching the wind blow
    Watching the wind blow

    There’s a kid over here flyin’ a kite
    His mother calls his name, blows him a kiss
    There’s a man out there with all the toys
    Sleeps with his money and calls it bliss

    Payback’s a bitch
    She pounds a drum
    Four riders
    Thunder when they come

    The curtain’s up on the final show
    And here I am watching the wind blow
    Watching the wind blow

    In this dream
    Where I’m the hero
    There’s some other guy
    Who takes the blame

    But in the book
    Where truth is written
    They cancelled my credit
    Scrubbed out my name

    Payback’s a bitch
    Daughter of fate
    Four riders
    We opened the gate

    The flashing sign says it’s time to go
    And here I am watching the wind blow
    Watching the wind blow
    Here I am
    There’s a storm upon us
    The sky is torn
    Payback’s a bitch
    Four riders, four riders

  3. Recording New CD

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    New RecordingSince January I’ve been recording a new CD. I started out with the piano tracks at home and am now set up at “Studio Chalet”, which, in reality, is a beautiful little cottage on the river where I am cozily installed with my recording gear, nifty Jotul wood stove to keep me warm, high ceilings and big windows looking onto the river flowing through the pines. There is nobody around to disturb so I had the opportunity to record all my electric guitar tracks on 11….oh yeah!!
    All  the drum tracks were done by my buddy, drummer extraordinaire, David Devine. Jean Francois Martel, on bass, has really caught the funk bug since spending so much time playing in Cuba! This week, although I wanted to finish the remaining master vocals, they’ll have to wait until I recover from this croaky-throat cold. Coming next will be Jim Zeller on harmonicas and Saxophones by Dan Martel. Eli’s guitars and Hannah’s vocals will have to wait until they finish school around the end of April.
    It’s so exciting, can’t wait for it to be completed but, right now, I’m enjoying the process. Thank you Danielle and Guy for making this space available! Will keep you posted.

  4. Back to My Sweet Home

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    AlanIt’s coming up soon and I am psyched! And don’t forget, Sunday, March 20, Tinley Park at the Harald Viking Lodge!

    It would be like a mini reunion to have my old Niles East, North & West alumni together at the Skokie Theatre. I just spoke to the management and they will give $5 off every ticket with the code, Niles 65, until midnight, March 1st. Tickets can be purchased online at or by telephone: 847 677 7761. I hope you can make it!
    Skokie Theatre
    Singer, songwriter and musician Alan Gerber returns to his Skokie roots with an appearance at The Skokie Theater, 7924 Lincoln, Skokie, IL 60077 on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 8:00PM with his show, Alan Gerber: Coming Home. Gerber, now a resident of Val David, Quebec, Canada has spent much of the past 25 years touring in Canada and throughout Europe. Gerber’s appearances and recording reflect his wide music range from R&B, rock and jazz and showcase him playing a variety of musical instruments including piano, guitar, slide guitar, accordion and violin. Audiences have cheered in venues as diverse as small-town clubs to the Montreal Jazz Festival.
    Gerber, a regular performer at Chicago’s now-storied Lettuce Entertain You owned Byfield’s nightclub in the Ambassador East Hotel in the 1980’s, was born in Skokie, attended Niles East High School and lived in the Chicago area until 1967 when he hit the road touring and recording with his legendary Elektra Records group, “Rhinoceros”.

    Where energy, intellect and an unbridled passion for life intersect, there you’ll find the music of Alan Gerber. Possessing a rock ‘n roll swagger born from years in the musical trenches tempered by a soulful poet’s heart, Gerber has won a devoted legion of fans drawn to his cleverly crafted lyrics and engaging live performances. “I’m really into the physicality of music, of rock ‘n roll and R&B,” Gerber says, “but I’m also really into poetry and intelligent lyrics, talking about something that is important to me and hopefully other people. My songs are stories about life.”

  5. More US Dates To be Announced Shortly

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    I’ll be heading back to the US in March for about a month, touring between Chicago and New York City.
    I should have more details sometime next week.